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Electrical Works

Operate and maintain the entire and complete Electrical System as installed from the point of receipt of power supply whether from the grid (after the DVB panel) or from the Diesel Generators including all equipment and installations as per the operation and maintenance manuals and specifications of the manufacturers and/or the original installation contractors.

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Diesel Generators Sets

Operate and maintain the entire diesel power generation system including the D.G Sets and all ancillary/peripheral/auxiliary systems like pumps, panels, piping, ventilation, PLC etc. as per the operation and maintenance manuals of the manufacturers and/or the original installation contractors.

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Ventilation System

To ensure all blowers, axial flow fans, extractors, air washers and their indicator and control panels are functioning to specified design parameters and the equipment and system (both ventilation and water services) are in an acceptable running condition.

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AIR Conditioning

All central air-conditioners shall be serviced regularly and return air filters condensate trays and condensate lines shall be cleaned as frequently as required. A log will be maintained for all cleaning operations.

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Fire Detection

To ensure all smoke & heat detectors and sprinklers i.e. all detectors/sensors and the system as a whole are in perfect working condition at all times and to carry out periodic checks to ensure the appropriate alarm is raised as designed and handed over. A log of all such tests shall be maintained.

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House Keeping

Supervisor will be responsible for organizing the schedule for the housekeeping. Attendants and also will make sure they report for duty on time. Supervisor will maintain daily, weekly and monthly checklist to ensure that the work is carried out as per the desired schedule. He will be responsible for ensuring the standard of grooming & hygiene is maintained. He will make sure that they complete their work in compliance with the standard set by the company. He will be responsible for their behavior as well as their manners. He will ensure their compliance with all company regulations and disciplinary rules. Supervisor will make sure that the entire colony is clean at the end of the days work. Supervisor will maintain the record of material and consumables incoming and issued. Supervisor will make sure that they are equipped with sufficient materials and consumables to complete assigned tasks.

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Carpet Shampooing, Upholstery & Facade Cleaning

To retrieve the tone and texture of carpets and Upholstery of sofa and chairs, periodic shampooing is very essential. We have the expertise to do so by using environment friendly products from reputed companies and by using state of the art machinery.

  • Facade Cleaning & Restoration.
  • Graffiti Removal.
  • Cleaning & Restoring Interior Walls and Floor.
  • Stain Removal.
  • Custom Restoration.
  • Sidewalk and Exterior Cleaning.
  • Sand, Hone, Polish.
  • High-pressure

Our scope of services includes complete stone restoration, refinishing and maintenance services including.

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Pest Control Management

With increasing regulations, government directives and the health risks attributed to pest infestation, the need to maintain a pest-free environment has never been so great, we provides timely preventive measures and effective treatment of Pest Control which is very essential to maintain the sanctity of the office premises. We provide the Pest Control Services for Rodent, Termite and General Pest Control by using WHO approved chemicals.

  • Design Pest Control Schedules.
  • Plan Control Strategies.
  • Latest Equipment & Technology.
  • MIS / Reporting.
  • Disposal & Removal.
  • Use of Environment Friendly Chemicals.
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Pantry & Cafeteria Management

We provide well groomed, skilled and experienced staff for serving Food & Beverage in Pantry & Cafeteria. They are not only thoroughly trained for proper table service and F&B service skills but also trained on behavioral skills (i.e. courtesy, soft spoken-ness etc.) so that the best service can be provided to our clients.

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